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Rape Triggers

victoriaplaceo started this conversation

Just when your scooting right along and thinking you know I am getting better day by day (well I can't say that is always my attitude) boom here comes something.

I have had some issues with triggers in the past, but nothing like this one. I have been having some stomach issues for about 4 weeks and of course ignored them. Well, today I had to go to the hospital to get an x-ray.

This was my first hospital visit since the night of the rape. I started to feel hot, trouble breathing, and dizzy while standing to get the first x-ray done. It did not dawn on me what was happening. I felt the need to flee, I thought I was going to pass out.

Then I had to get the x-ray while laying on the table. I still experienced the awful sensations, however then I looked to the ceiling and it all came flooding back.

Memories of lying there in the ER while they were doing the rape kit. The sadness, fear, anxiety, shock that I felt then was all still present, just like I was there again.

As I said I have had many issues since the rape, but this was one that effected me horribly. I felt a major set back. I must say it did calm my nerves to know why I was feeling so dizzy and anxious, but once again a major set-back, I felt.

I looked up rape triggers when I returned home and found this resource
I am sure there are more, however this one caught my attention. I hope it helps someone.

For me, I have been using alot of these techniques and what makes this so hard for me, is that I didn't even realize till later that is was a sort of a flashback.

Victoria Placeo

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